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RDX SATRA certified high-quality shin pad incorporate exclusive moisture-wicking MMT™ technology to keep the inner-skin dry. The lightweight shin pad comes with CF-F™ padding along with special Aegis Protect-X™ foam padding for perfect impact distribution. The pad includes use of Ayz-F™ elastic for the much needed elasticity to secure the pad and retain its position. 

  • SATRA certified RDX Shin Pad with exclusive MMT™ technology for dry skin
  • Lightweight construction using CF-F™ padding for enhanced durability
  • Exclusive XS System™ with high-quality Quick-Ez Velcro closure for snug fit
  • Special Aegis Protect-X™ foam based padding for protection of shin
  • Unique Ayz-F™ elastic used for perfectly fitting and avoiding slipping