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Grappling gloves by RDX are handmade using original NAPPA cowhide leather for extended lifetime. The gloves come with the exclusive RDX Tri-Slab™ Max-Shock™ foam padding with Shell-Shock™ Gel integration. Exclusive QD-2™ lining allows instant sweat absorption and provide anti-microbial ability to the gloves. With special brutal blood design and Y-Volar™ architecture, the gloves are perfect for professional grappling.

  • Handmade with high quality full grain cow hide NAPPA leather for extended lifetime
  • Gel TECH Tri-Slab™ Max-Shock™ foam padding with Shell-Shock™ Gel integration for knuckle protection
  • Special RDX QD-2™ lining for instant sweat absorption and antimicrobial protection
  • Brutal blood design with RDX® Y-Volar™ architecture and free thumb for perfect grip
  • Separate finger sheaths with TRI-WRAP elastic strap and Quick-Ez™ Velcro for better support