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RDX grappling gloves are made using exclusive Maya Hide™ leather for improved durability. The gloves come with an extra-thick multi-layered ¾” Shell-Shock™ gel integrated knuckle padding for impact absorption. Made with the RDX® Palm-O™ architecture for better grip and QD-1™ lining for dry skin, the gloves incorporate an extra-long wrist strap with bi-layered Quick-Ez™ Velcro closure for added support.

  • Exclusive Maya Hide™ built for durability at lower cost
  • Extra-thick ¾” Shell-Shock™ gel integrated layered padding with padded wrist joint block
  • Bi-layered Quick-Ez™ Velcro closure system with extra-long strap for stability and wrist support
  • Traditional moisture-wicking RDX® QD-1™ lining to keep the skin dry
  • Specially designed RDX® Palm-O™ architecture for improved grip with padded thumb