Java Siluro 6 Top Shimano 105 12 SPD

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon with the Java Siluro 6 Top Shimano 105 12 SPD

For cycling enthusiasts with a hunger for speed and an eye for precision, the Java Siluro 6 Top Shimano 105 12 SPD is more than just a bicycle - it's a statement. This UCI-approved machine is a potent blend of cutting-edge technology and aerodynamic design, crafted to take your performance to the next level.

Java Siluro 6 Top Shimano 105 12 SPD

 A Frame Built for Victory:

At the heart of the Siluro 6 lies its JAVA Siluro Aluminium integrated frame. This masterpiece of engineering boasts flat mount disc brakes and thru-axle technology, ensuring crisp stopping power and unwavering stability even when pushing your limits. The carbon fork further enhances handling and reduces weight, making climbs feel effortless and descents exhilarating.

JAVA Siluro Aluminium integrated frame

Shimano's 105 Magic:

The Siluro 6 isn't just about brute force; it's about precision control. The SHIMANO 105 R7100 12-speed drivetrain delivers unparalleled shifting performance, letting you find the perfect gear for every climb, sprint, and everything in between. The Decaf 50-34T crankset and 11-32T cassette offer a wide range of gearing to conquer any terrain, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide confident stopping power in any weather conditions.

Ride in Style and Comfort:

Java Deca alloy integrated handlebar

The Siluro 6 isn't just about raw speed; it's about enjoying the ride. The Java Deca alloy integrated handlebar and Java Deca Road saddle strike the perfect balance between comfort and control, allowing you to ride for hours without fatigue. The CST CZAR tires offer excellent grip and low rolling resistance, while the Deca Alloy road pedals provide efficient power transfer.

More Than Just a Bike:

The Java Siluro 6 Top Shimano 105 12 SPD is not just a collection of components; it's a complete package designed for performance and passion. At Rs 139,990, it's an investment that will unlock your cycling potential and leave you grinning from ear to ear with every ride.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner speed demon with the Java Siluro 6 Top Shimano 105 12 SPD. Hit the road and experience the thrill of pushing your limits on a machine that was built to fly.

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