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Weldtite Tubeless Repair Kit

Rs. 1,050.00

The leading, award-winning repair kit for tubeless tyres. ✔ Using this kit makes tubeless repairs easy as there is no requirement for the tyre to be unseated. ✔ Identify the location of...

Weldtite Dry Wax 100ml

Rs. 850.00

High-performance Dry Wax formulated to penetrate the links of the chain before coating the outside to form a durable barrier against dirt and dust.  Optimised for elite competition to provide...

Weldtite Tubeless sealant 240ml

Rs. 1,100.00

Weldtite Tubeless Sealant can be depended on for reliable self-sealing time and time again. Get all the benefits of running tubeless with this environmentally friendly formula. Maintenance and topping up...